I am a freelance programmer working in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Please ask me to design and develop programs, software, and services for your business!

What's New

Works: Technology Consulting has been added.
["Traffic Optimization" Checking] has been added.
Became an administration officer of CCP: Cooperation of Computer use Promotion.
Previous work example "Code-breaking Simulators" has been added into Windows Application Development.
Joined CCP: Cooperation of Computer use Promotion.
I've learned to use VBA.
The maintainance of the inquiry form has been finished.
The inquiry form is temporarily out of work for maintainance. Please make contact with e-mail.
Previous work example "TriDim" has been added into Library Development.
ASCII Table and DirectInput Key Code Table uploaded.
Use them as reference materials for your coding tasks.
"Inquiry Form" opened.
Feel free to post job suggestions, bug reports, questions, and so on.
"Work: Windows Application Development" updated.
"Work: Web Service Development" updated.
Blog opend.