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Web Service Development

Web services have a great advantage that they are available with only a web browser, without other special applications or tools. They are suitable for constructing an shopping site, or an management architecture of a company that has several branch office.

Original Works

Blog System "Quillpen"

This is a blog system focusing on manageability and maintainability. It employs multilingualization, multi-blog providing, APIs, dynamic reference, and other useful mechanisms.

This site's blog is being managed by the system.

Previous Works

Wedding Celemoney Booking System (2008)

This is a system for letting wedding planners manage the booking, estimation, and billing efficiently.

(* No screenshot available)

Accommodation System (2006)

This is a services for accepting reservations of accommodations on the hotel's web site. The visitors can make accommodation, checking vacancy and plans that are provided by the hotel.

Sendai Science Museum: Pictorial Book (2005)

This is a system for watching animals, plants, rocks, minerals, and fossils found in Sendai. In the Museum, the visitors can operate it on computers with using touch panels.